Digital Publishing Institute


Cheryl Ball - Director

Cheryl E. Ball, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Digital Publishing Studies, Director of the Digital Publishing Institute at WVU, and editor of Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy. She is co-PI on Vega, an open-access multimedia academic publishing platform. Her research is available online at Her Twitter handle is @s2ceball.

 Lydia Welker - Associate Director

Lydia Welker is a graduate of the MA in Professional Writing and Editing program at WVU and works with the "digital" portion of the DPI. When she's not learning a new coding language or reading a new book, you can find her talking to strangers on the street, cooking food with pretentious sounding ingredients, or memorizing poetry for fun. Her Twitter handle is @lydiamaewelker.

Carrie Lamanna - Project Manager

Carrie Lamanna, Ph.D., is a writer, researcher, editor, and writing coach. She has previously worked as a writing center director and an assistant professor of writing and rhetoric. Currently, she is project manager for the Vega scholarly publishing platform and related DPI projects. When not working at her computer or in the garden, Carrie can be found obsessively posting to Facebook and Instagram. Her Twitter handle is @carrielamanna.

Emma DiPasquale - Graduate Assistant

Emma DiPasquale is a second-year graduate student in the Literary and Cultural Studies program at WVU. She works as a research assistant for the DPI as well as assistant coordinator for the Center for Writing Excellence for the Department of English.

Demi Fuentes-Ramirez - Graduate Assistant

Demi Fuentes Ramirez is a second-year Professional Writing and Editing graduate student at WVU and the Associate Director of KairosCamp. She is also a teaching assistant and a research assistant. If she is not working on a current project, you can find her reading a book, listening to music, or playing at the dog park with friends. Her Twitter handle is @demiYfuentes.

Kasey Osborne - Graduate Assistant

Kasey Osborne is a first-year graduate student in the Professional Writing and Editing program at WVU, where she is a teaching and research assistant. She enjoys drawing, hot beverages, piano, and regional wildlife.


Megan Fahey - Alumn

Megan Fahey is a graduate of the MFA in Fiction program at WVU, where she taught creative writing and worked as editor-in-chief of the Cheat River Review. Other interests include traveling, eating pizza, and watching professional wrestling. Her Twitter handle is @MeganMFahey.

Matt Jarrett - Alumn

Matt Jarrett is a graduate of the Professional Writing and Editing program at WVU. Aside from his interests in editing, Matt enjoys hiphop, writing poetry, metalworking, and all things rural.

Hope Hart - Alumn

Hope Hart is a graduate of the English Literature program at WVU. Hope enjoys bikes more than cars, likes reading junk food reviews, and has been a Nerdfighter since 2008. Her Twitter handle is @epohart.