Digital Publishing Institute


The DPI will provide journal hosting and publishing support through Vega, a new academic publishing platform in the making that will provide an easy-to-use online option for editing and publishing books, journals, media-based projects, data sets, and other scholarly artifacts.

The DPI will assist publications with archiving and preserving initiatives and other sustainability efforts for digital scholarship and collections. For editors and publishers interested in more options, the DPI provides hosting options at WVU. Journal publishers and editors hosting through the DPI will automatically become members of the Council of Editors of Learned Journals.

If you are interested in journal hosting or publishing, contact the DPI staff.

Council of Editors of Learned Journals

The Council of Editors of Learned Journals (CELJ) is the primary editorial membership association for editors and managers of independent, university, and commercial journals that publish peer-reviewed scholarship. West Virginia University is now the institutional home for CELJ. Through the DPI, WVU provides technical support for CELJ's website and listserv needs.

Open Educational Resources

The DPI supports open educational resources (OER) for students, faculty, and staff, including open access textbooks published through the DPI. 

West Virginia History: An Open Access Reader is a collection of essays that serve as a reader for courses on the Mountain State's history. Users can access the book in PDF, HTML, and ePUB format.

The in-progress Bad Ideas About Writing collection will provide teachers, parents, and administrators with short, provocative, and thoroughly-researched answers to the question of Why Johnny Can't Write. The collection will provide a snapshot of major myths about writing instruction in the form of opinionated encyclopedia articles. The first half of Bad Ideas About Writing will appear in Inside Higher Ed, and the DPI will publish the second half of the collection.