Digital Publishing Institute


The pedagogical component of the DPI offers workshops, seminars, and affiliated classes focused on writing and editing in digital spaces.

In addition to offered seminars, the DPI provides multiple opportunities for graduate students to work in apprenticeship-based assistantships so as to put their theoretical coursework training into practice. Since many of the projects that the DPI plans to take on include a balance between academic and public outreach, Ph.D. students assigned to the DPI will gain greater understanding of transforming scholarship for public readership.

WVU faculty interested in incorporating multimedia or digital projects into their courses can contact the DPI staff for support.

Kairos Camp

The DPI will host a series of workshops called Kairos Camp for authors and publisher-editors that accommodates the best practices of writing and publishing peer-reviewed multimedia content, no matter the technological program:

These workshops are funded in part by the Institutes for Advanced Topics in Digital Humanities through the National Endowment for the Humanities.

For more information, visit the Kairos Camp website.